Adrienne Wilkinson with William Gregory Lee
at the Pasadena Xena Convention


May 2001

Someone asked Adrienne to do Livia's battle cry and she laughed because she couldn't remember it. She says they always play it for her before she does it.

Someone then asked them if they could be any fruit, what fruit would they be? Adrienne and Greg did NOT know what to say to that. Adrienne finally said, "Something horny. There's no good answer. If I say 'apple' you'll all be like, 'Oooooooooh.'"

Lucy Lawless had a part in creating Virgil, because Greg was originally hired to play a character named Jerrick, but when he got to New Zealand, he was Joxer's son (though no one told him and he was very worried when he couldn't find his character in the script!)

Greg's favourite episode is "Who's Gurkhan?" because it was more fun now that Joxer's death was over and dealt with, while Adrienne's favourite scene is her swearing her head off in "You Are There".

I think one of the best comments was that Adrienne should join William on Dark Angel because she'd make a GREAT X-5! Oooh, I AGREE.