Adrienne Wilkinson
at the Seattle Xena Convention

May 2005

The day started with the Adrienne Wilkinson photo op. I met her in the elevator on my way down. She saw my Bitch of Rome shirt and she liked it. We shared a word or two then parted as she went off for coffee.

Steve was there to take the pictures with his camera. Short and sweet, but Adrienne was as pleasant as ever. I finally got my photo. Adrienne was glad and said she'd see me later.

Adrienne asked if we had all seen the play, which we all cheered for. I asked if she'd seen the play which she hadn't yet because there wasn't time. I told her she had lots of time to catch the 2pm show (totally forgetting their was another evening one)since she was done on stage at 1:45 and the theatre was a five minute walk away and would be over by 4:15 and she didn't need to be back for autographing until 4:30.

Back to the convention. I came in mid-video to one of Deb's videos which was a Xenite's life with a life sized Xena action figure, which was hilarious, the parts I saw.

Next was a music video tribute to Eve which sucked because she wasn't in it. WTF? It was some slide show and there was no Adrienne. It had to be the wrong video.

Now Adrienne Wilkinson took the stage.

  • When Adrienne came on stage, to a standing ovation, I gave my Xena yell and she pointed at me and nodded with a laugh.

  • We were a little quiet when Adrienne asked how we were and she joked that we must all be hung over. She then asked again and we were much louder and I gave my Xena yell again which made her laugh. That yell is serving me well!

  • She went straight into Q&A. There were only a handful of fans at this event who had not seen Adrienne before. Unfortunately, nearly every question she was asked has been asked and answered many, many times prior such as filming the swearing scene in "You Are There," the ripping of her pants in "Livia," and that "Eve" is her favourite episode.

  • When asked about playing Livia and Eve Adrienne said: "After playing Livia, playing Eve is like eating white bread after Thai food."

  • She talked about how season seven of Xena would have involved Eve going back to being Livia and Xena and Gabrielle trying to bring her back to the side of good.

  • Her first day of filming involved a fight scene where it was the last shot of the day and there was lots of pressure. Then her pants ripped and they took her into one of the prop huts to give her new pants. Then she had to make out with Kevin and was intimidated. Kevin went out his way to make her comfortable. Adrienne said he was jokingly self deprecating in order to reduce how imposing he appeared.

  • She spoke how her fighting sucked in "Livia" because she was so scared of hurting someone. Then, she got hurt (Zoë whacked her with a foam sword as Zoë had so many fights to remember, she mixed them up). Adrienne said she had a huge bruise on her leg, which she was very proud of. She figured she'd survived so the stunt people would be okay and then started going at it.

  • Adrienne talked about the three different types of swords used. Two are fake swords, used in fighting, one foam and one resin, and a third real one that is about fifteen pounds. She says when you hold it up, you say, "Hurry up and get the shot, please," as she demonstrated by holding out her arm, shaking to represent the weight.

  • One of the best questions was asking Adrienne about the performance she did on stage for Closer. Adrienne played Alice in the play (Portman's character in the movie) and commented that she didn't like how stuff from the play was cut out of the movie. She said the end of Closer like a chic commercial (and she demonstrated the saunter Natalie Portman did), saying how they tried to make it a happy ending, but, in the play, Alice is a self injurer and actually throws herself in front of cars on purpose and had been hit at least five times. In the end of the play, Alice kills herself by throwing herself in front of a car. The movie only sort of revealed this by having her walk past a stop sign.

  • Renée is really giving according to Adrienne. Adrienne said how hers are usually the last shots filmed, and, even then, Renée is still there with Adrienne to give her something to act off of, even though her scenes are done.

  • She also talked about Lucy's leadership on set and how she used to say, "Let's make the day." Meaning, "Let's get it done."

  • She talked about how wonderful Kevin, Lucy and Renée are.

  • Adrienne was asked if she wanted to do musicals and she jumped at that as she's a trained dancer. When asked which she'd like to do, she mentioned one based on the Brother's Grimm.

  • She talked about a movie she just finished shooting, an independent one which was a modern day Alice in Wonderland with a man in the role of Alice. She was also doing another movie and I've mixed up which is which. One movie is about a man whose wife leaves him for another woman (Adrienne didn't say what her role was) and in the other she plays the wife that is killed and the husband hallucinates about her. I think that is the Alice one.

  • When asked to do the Livia yell, she said she's always asked to and that every time she's told she does it wrong. She said she'd love to hear someone else do it, but there were no takers.

  • She sang a gorgeous song right before she left. When asked to sing, she laughed and questioned didn't we get enough of it last night when she couldn't remember the lyrics. Of course not!

  • Standing ovation for her exit.